Cope Directo

Located in Madrid, Spain, Cope Directo is a station that offers both religious and generalist programming. It was a traditional radio station in the 60s but today boasts 230 frequencies in the country. It has a plethora of programas such as the La linterna de la Iglesia with Faustino Catalina.

Cope is also home to the e-COPE (pronounced eh-cope) directory, a site dedicated to emotional and mental health services. It's a well thought out website. It is also a great source of Spanish information. The e-COPE directory includes a variety of programs, such as the aforementioned e-COPE news. The e-COPE has been lauded by the likes of CNN, Reuters, and the BBC. Its website is also one of the most visited in Spain.

Aside from a website, Cope also offers a radio station that operates on the FM and AM frequency bands. It has a website and also provides news updates via Twitter. It also has a Facebook page where its followers can interact with its staff. It is also one of the few Spanish radio stations to make an appearance on Alexa, a voice-controlled assistant. It also has a mobile application that is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Its main mission is to serve the Spanish population and its many foreign visitors.

One of its most notable achievements is its en COPE (pronounced eh-COPE) program. Touted as the e-COPE news, it takes the pulse of current events in Spain and around the world. It also boasts the e-COPE award.

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