One of your biggest investments will most likely be your mobile home. Despite how valuable something may be, all it takes is one mishap or occurrence to convert it to a heap of ash or rubble.

In light of this, it is irrelevant to ask if you require mobile home insurance. You run the risk of having to cover a sudden loss of tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on your own if you don't have insurance.

However, purchasing an insurance coverage is not as simple as you might hope. Numerous elements need to be taken into account, some of which you might not even be aware of. How do you make sure you receive the greatest insurance rate for your mobile home in these circumstances?


One of the main problems mobile home owners may encounter is the insurability of their properties. Even if the situation has recently improved, there are still some areas where there are no insurers prepared to cover your mobile home.

Mobile homes are viewed by some insurers as being significantly riskier to insure than traditional homes, which will result in higher premiums.

  • There are various concerns that are typically connected with mobile homes because of the problems encountered in older models. The assumption that mobile homes are more vulnerable to these threats is typically what drives up the cost of manufactured home insurance. Among these dangers are:

  • Fire and wind damage are more likely to occur in mobile homes, and it was often believed that these structures drew tornadoes and experienced more fires. The truth is that during these events, they merely sustained more damage.

  • Fire: In comparison to a house built on a permanent foundation, a mobile home can burn down considerably more quickly and sustain more damage. The amount that the insurance company would have to pay out for each incidence would rise as a result.

  • Wind: Because they are frequently constructed of lighter materials and do not have a permanent base, mobile homes are more vulnerable to topple over in the event of heavy winds.

  • Mobile homes are typically located in places with high traffic, which increases the danger of theft.

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